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Rapid Urbanization in Istanbul: Ekümenopolis.

Posted on 2013/04/22

After London and Moscow, Istanbul with its nearby 15 million inhabitants, is the third largest city in Europe and makes up the biggest city in Turkey with 20% of the country`s population. Istanbul`s rapid urbanization and its neoliberal transformation, that shifted planning priorities, are discussed in the documentary Ecümenopolis: City without limits *, directed by İmre Azem. The film does not only focus on issues around transportation challenges, which have arose due to the city`s urbanization throughout the last years, but also questions the transformation process and its dynamics. Interviews with experts, academics, writers, investors, city-dwellers and community leaders make the film become a holistic experience.

[...] The neoliberal transformation that swept through the world economy during the 1980’s, and along with it the globalization process that picked up speed, brought with it a deep transformation in cities all over the world. For this new finance-centered economic structure, urban land became a tool for capital accumulation, which had deep effects on major cities of developing countries. In Istanbul, which already lacked a tradition of principled  planning, the administrators of the city blindly adopted the neoliberal approach that put financial gain ahead of people’s needs; everyone fought to get a piece of the loot; and the result is a megashantytown of 15 million struggling with mesh of life-threatening problems.

Inside Outside

Posted on 2012/10/25

The following quote is taken from Chance and Control: An interview with Petra Blaisse by Brendan Cormier and Arjen Oosterman, published in Volume 33: Interior.
Blaisse talks about her work at the Rietveld pavilion in Venice on the occasion of the 13th Architecture Biennale, the organization of in- and outdoor spaces, fluidity and movement and the influence fashion has not only on interior design but also on the creation of gardens.

Virginia Nimarkoh: Utopian Public Spaces & Class Distinctions

Posted on 2012/09/21

Virginia Nimarkoh, Photo: Diego Ferrari

Green spaces, such as urban gardens or farms, are in the focus of the current discussion about urban spaces. Virginia Nimarkoh`s photographs document municipal green spaces like parks, community gardens and city farms, which are the meeting point for diverse narratives around community, nature, ownership and the city. In an interview she tells us about her interest in (green) public spaces, class distinctions and her affection for The Phoenix Garden in London.


Your artistic projects treat public spaces like community gardens or parks. Where does your interest in these spaces come from? What makes them attract your interest?

I started doing urban landscape photography when I was in the final stages of writing my PhD. I used to jog in local parks as an antidote to all the theory I was consuming. But then I began to notice how people use parks and thought about how important they are in a densely-populated city like London.

The Plant Journal

Posted on 2012/08/29

Two years ago, three editors started to work out the fabulous idea of The Plant Journal. Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way, The Plant Journal offers a new view on greenery on a bi-annual basis. The first issue was launched in June 2011 and its initiators Isabel Merino, Carol Montpart and Cristina Merino are still on the go – issue #3 will be in stores in September 2012. Christina Merino, editor-in-chief, took some time to let us know, what makes up the passion behind.

What is it about your relationship to plants, that you came up with the idea to publish The Plant Journal?

It was when we moved to our own homes. We were buying plants to decorate but we realized that we didn’t know so much about caring them so we started looking at some tips and advice. After that we got more into them and noticed that there wasn’t any magazine that talked about plants the way we wanted, so we started working on the project and now we are going to launch third issue soon.

Places Vienna: The ´Wiener Stadionbad`

Posted on 2012/08/25

Wether you need a refreshment on one of these Viennese summer days with about 35 degrees, want to see a place crowded with youngsters or are in need of a calm space with the option to have a full show just around the corner – the Stadionbad in Viennna`s green Prater got it all: Huge lawns for sunbathing, slides, diving boards, kiddie pool… With 150,000 square meters, the bath counts to the largest public baths in Europe – on record-breaking days the location counts about 18,000 visitors.