A selection of places to visit in virtual and physical space.

WOMEN SHAPING OUR WORLD: The Brooklyn Museum invited four women at the helm of successful practices and leaders of the design community to the Sackler Center for Feminist Art for a conversation entitled “Women Shaping Our World”. A report by Caitlin Blanchfield.

INTERVIEW WITH UTE META BAUER by Carson Chan. Ute Meta Bauer is an Associate Professor and serves as the Founding Director of the Program in Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning, she also served as director of the MIT Visual Arts Program from 2005 – 2009. From 1996 – 2006, she held an appointment at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as a Professor of Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art.

TOP PLANNING TRENDS 2011 – 2012 Over the course of the year, the editors of Planetizen review and post summaries of hundreds of articles, reports, books, studies, and editorials related to planning and urban development. Here are their picks for the most notable planning trends of the past year, and the topics that we’ll be paying special attention to in 2012.

MUTE MAGAZINE is an online magazine dedicated to exploring culture and politics after the net. Mute combines biannual issues dedicated to specific topics (Precarious Labour, The Knowledge Commons, etc) with regularly updated articles and reviews. Get inspired.

PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION is a new online-portal of southern civil society organisations committed to promoting participatory practices in the empowerment of excluded citizens worldwide. The focus is on maintaining and presenting a platform for archiving and creating a repository of ‘grey literature’, especially for community-based organisations. “[...] We believe that with collective learning, the empowerment of communities can be at a faster pace than ever.[...]”

CITY AS CONSTELLATION: A Conversation with Matthew Gandy, urbanist and academic, about neoliberal urban planning, Berlin`s mayor Klaus Wowereit, recent media productions about cities, and more.

STÄDTEDESIGN: “Keiner wagt mehr das Besondere.” Ein Interview mit dem Architekten Till Rehwaldt gibt Auskunft darüber, warum so viele Plätze in den Städten öde sind.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The State, Vol. III, Speculative Geographies: “We are thinking about desire lines, sensory cartographies, (de)militiarised urbanities, appropriated circuit-spheres, cyborgific insects, voyeuristic reality media, drone soap operas, scent trails & olofactory claustrophobia, paleontology of the Singularity, subterranean netherworlds, dystopian forest replenishing, anti-civ anarchism and the ‘green scare,’ transhumanist unicorns, gonzo ethnography, decolonising the Internet of things, apocalyptic love letters, bioart, salvagepunk, the symphonies of credit, robot liberation struggles, ruptured temporalities, botiliciousness, fifth dimensions, the coming superabundance of screens, and the colonisation of Mars…”. Deadline: April 30, 2012.