The following quote is taken from Chance and Control: An interview with Petra Blaisse by Brendan Cormier and Arjen Oosterman, published in Volume 33: Interior.
Blaisse talks about her work at the Rietveld pavilion in Venice on the occasion of the 13th Architecture Biennale, the organization of in- and outdoor spaces, fluidity and movement and the influence fashion has not only on interior design but also on the creation of gardens.

AO: Landscape architecture came to the rescue in the early nineties, when neither architecture nor urbanism were able to provide the right answers to the challenges; now it could be interior architecture’s turn. And your practice combines both!

PB: Both are about organizing space; with planting and with curtains, horizontal carpets or vertical screens. Working outdoors, we collaborate with lighting and construction engineers, traffic specialists, botanists, furniture designers, and architects, among others. But in my mind the organization of space inside or outside is similar. It is about fluidity and movement, how you can efficiently go from one place to another, or how you can meander, take time and encounter surprises; or how you can create an extra room with one simple movement. Different routes and actions trigger different experiences. So both are about time, speed, organized views and perspectives and – of course – need special effects to trigger the notion of a changing landscape, whether inside or out. Parks are in fact isolated patches of nature in an urban setting: large rooms that are encircled by traffic, buildings, and people in a hurry. They offer a welcome oasis to play, smell, relax, and think; to work out and to learn. But in fact they are used to cover polluted soil and underground infrastructure and to sooth the emotions of the surrounding inhabitants; they are therefore more political tools than innocent gardens; as much as our textile interventions are more solutions to technical and spatial issues than they are innocent objects of beauty. [MORE]

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Re-set, New wings for architecture at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia in The Netherlands Pavilion. Curator: Ole Bouman, Designer: Petra Blaisse, Movie: Su tomesen.
Photo, top: Rob`t Hart