An interesting experiment is the online platform Rhythm of Capitalism: Initiated by a group of Amsterdam University based students of New Media, who set up a blog to present their project – a visual interpretation of Henri Lefebvre’s seminal book Rhythmanalysis (1992).

Inspired by Lefebvre’s writings on rhythmanalysis, the students produced several videos and short movies, employing the main themes of Lefebvre’s book such as rhythm and capitalism, critique of everyday life, rhythm, sound and the city, flows of capital and flows of crowds, and more. Additionally, readers can find text quotations, on which the video content is based on, and, furthermore, the blog provides several readings and other activist- and artist-based projects to enrich the portfolio.
“The videos are not meant to illustrate the book but rather to engage into the theory of Lefebvre in depth through practice, through observation and art. Therefore, we encourage the visitors of the blog to join us into the journey of an acute rhythmanalyst and to contribute your own observations, impressions and ideas.”

Photo, top: Rhythm of Capitalism, City Sounds, Screenshot