Until January 21, 2013 the StadtmuseumGraz shows the exhibition Occupy Everything – various projects that have been directly generated by the Occupy protests and works, or that reflect about these, are on display.
The Arabic Spring, the occupations in Spain and Greece and the Occupy movement in the U.S. – the occupations generally do not address single deficits, but furthermore criticize the whole and the way society and economy treat the wishes of the 99 percent. In this context, public spaces do often play a big role for the development of projects and working groups and more than often did successful occupations effect new movements in other cities.
An exhibition project by Oliver Ressler.

EXHIBITION: Occupy Everything
DATE: through March 4, 2013
LOCATION: StadtmuseumGraz, Graz, Austria
LINK: http://www.grazmuseum.at/