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The Smell Of The City

Posted on 2012/09/18

Sissel Tolaas, SmellScape KCK/KCMO, site research, 2012, Photo by Megan Mantia

The sound of a city is a topic of growing interest (as mentioned here and here), and there`s still more to find out about our urban surroundings: For example, the smell of the city.

Some of you might remember the City-Smell Research by Sissel Tolas in Berlin in 2011, that captured the scent of various Berlin districts and, based on the results, created an olfactory map of the city. With a background in science and linguistics, Tolaas has spent decades exploring how smell – one of our most powerful and least understood senses – can help us improve tolerance within our cultures and communities. She conducts her social experiments with a sense of discovery and play. Nothing stinks,” says Tolaas, “but thinking makes it so!

The Perception of Identity: Inside and Outside N.Y.C.

Posted on 2012/03/28

Artist Iké Udé in an interview about dandyism, self expression and his aim to make streets a more beautiful place to stroll. Published on  Worn Through Magazine (photo credits: Iké Udé, Sartorial Anarchy #2, 2010, source):

As a resident New Yorker, is there a typical response by city dwellers? Is the response different when you travel outside of the City? Does attention drive your efforts in any way?

I’m originally from Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve lived here since the 1980s. Yet, every day, people ranging from vendors, taxi drivers and various service industry workers to the smart set I meet at various social/cultural functions, invariably assume that I’m a visitor even before I speak a word. And when I lived full-time in Nigeria, in cities such as Lagos and Enugu, I met with the same, “are-you-visiting” type reactions. Same thing when I’m in London. Moreover, the responses I get from places like say, Italy, Paris, Vienna and Berlin are even more intensely dramatic. So, I seem foreign, a perpetual visitor, wherever I am. For better or worse, I’m used to it and even use it to my advantage–in the sense that as a visitor or brother from another planet, I’m not supposed to conform to the petty, tedious, low laws/ethics of the land.


Posted on 2012/03/05

Vienna, Karlsplatzpassage

[...] Sie sind Teil der Stadtkultur und damit auch eines vielgestaltigen und verzweigten Geflechts an öffentlichem Raum – die Passagen. Ihre Erscheinungsformen sind vielfältig, schließlich liegt die Entstehung mehr als zwei Jahrhunderte zurück. Dass sich die Passage als europäischer Bautypus der Stadt am Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts herausbildete, ist sowohl auf die damalige Hochkonjunktur des Textilhandels als auch auf die Anfänge des Eisenbaus zurückzuführen. „Die Stadt verdichtete sich, und es gab eine Nachfrage nach Handelseinrichtungen“, erklärt Rudolf Scheuvens, Urbanist an der TU Wien. [weiter lesen]

Passage: Geschützt und doch öffentlich veröffentlicht in Die Presse am Sonntag, 04.03.2012.