The Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdańsk, Poland has got an Maryam Jafri exhibition on view, displaying her pieces Staged Archive, Deal With Friends and Costume Party.
What makes Maryam Jafri`s work that interesting is her idea of blurring the boundaries of visual codes and styles within her work in photography, video and performance. The video installation Costume Party shows 18 different characters from definitive moments in Western history, from antiquity to the present. One can find a Victorian widow, a cowboy, a crusader, a monk and an imperal British naval officer among others.
Due to the video`s presentation on three different screens and to ever changing perspectives of the (stage) play, Jafri investigates the subjectivity of history, but, furthermore, the narrative and visual function of fashion becomes clear in this absurd scene, where clothes from various historical periods clash and obviously make it an unbelievable Costume Party, rather than a historical moment.

Maryam Jafri: Stages
February 4 – March 11, 2012

Institute Sztuki Wyspa
ul. Doki 1/145 b
80-958 Gdańsk