Frederick Kiesler, Space House, 1933 © Kiesler Foundation Vienna

Dedicated to the Austrian-American theater designer, artist, theoretician and architect Frederick Kiesler,the exhibition Space House  at Kiesler Private Foundation, Vienna, is titled after the Space House, that was built by Kiesler in 1933 for the Modernage Furniture Company in New York. This true to scale model of a single-family home served as a show room for the company`s furniture.
Due to Kiesler`s thought “space is only space for someone who is moving in it”, his Space House marks the transition of new design criteria in architecture: the space became more important than the structure that encompasses it.

February 3 – May 4, 2012
Kiesler Private Foundation
Mariahilferstraße 1b/1
1060 Vienna