Heidrun Holzfeind, from the series: Colonnade Park, Mies in Newark Revisited, 11 C prints, 40x60cm, 2010

Austrian artist Heidrun Holzfeind`s work is  based on theoretical investigations on the built environment as a social space and the reflection of power relations in urban systems. “My works are portraits of simple persons at a point in their lives at which they start thinking about their achievements, goals, hopes, and place in society,” Holzfeind says about her critical view of social structures. Through media like photo, video and interviews she discusses issues of individual life plans in the context of architecture and urban development.

Heidrun Holzfeind
Strictly Private
February 9 – April 1, 2012

Bawag Contemporary
Franz Kosefs Kai 1
1010 Vienna

Accompanying Programme:
February 22, 9 p.m.: Soundperformance by Werner Kitzmüller
March 7, 8 p.m.: Screening: LIVING ENVIRONMENT III
March 14, 2012, 8p.m.: Lecture: Jörg Heiser “Skulptur im öffentlichen Raum – Ein langes Jahrhundert zwischen Manifestation und Negation & Presentation of “Fountain”
March 23, 8 p.m.: Artist Talk: Heidrun Holzfeind in conversation with Christian Witt-Dörring
March 28, 9 p.m.: Soundperformance Couscous
Free admission